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Oxford Photographer

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When I was young I always had a urge for art yet sadly the ability to draw or paint eluded me on just about every level.

It was not until I was 14 I picked up a camera and for the first time ever I found a outlet for my art, art through a lens and that was the beginning of everything.

From photographs to film, the expressions from what I saw through the lens became almost a compulsion.

Because every single frame, no matter what, tells a story of some kind.

Working with people & businesses across Oxfordshire

Partnering with Experience Oxfordshire

Experience Oxfordshire is the official Destination Management Organisation (DMO) for Oxfordshire. They are the trading arm of the parent charity, the Experience Oxfordshire Charitable Trust, and are a not-for-profit partnership organisation that is committed to the promotion, management and development of Oxfordshire as a great destination to live, work, visit and do business. Starstream is a proud partner of EO and provides a key business link to everything in our region.

Partnering with Experience Oxfordshire

Frequenting the OBCN

The Oxford Business Community Network was established to provide a trusted, peer to peer, group networking opportunity for businesses based in Oxfordshire, where ‘people buy people’. Starstream is very much a part of this organisation and has seen huge growth and heading since joining in November 2021. Building relationships and building business.

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Whatever you need in the world of photography or film I can help and together we make it happen so do drop us a line with as many details as possible and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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