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What we do.

Home and property aerial photographs and film

Everyone loves their home so why not let me capture that photo and produce a beautiful printed frames or canvas wall decoration. My package includes 20-30 images and a short film set to music. You get all the images and can choose one for printing.

Survey for building, property maintenance and roof inspections

We get close up to the building and get the shots that show exactly what’s going on, with film and photos we produce for you a full survey to plan the next move.

Estate Agents

A unique viewpoint from above, around and a fly through the property to produce a perfect combination of film and photos to make sure that property gets out there.

Need a camera in the sky?

We’ll capture what you need, where you need it and when.

CAA Aproved and Fully Licenced & Insured Drone Photography & Film Based in Oxford

images of logos displaying our status as a certified drone pilot in Oxford

Aerial & Ground-Level Photography Services: Capture Every Angle

Expand your perspective with our comprehensive Aerial & Ground-Level Photography Services. Whether you’re selling your home, hosting a corporate event, or showcasing real estate, our high-quality photography captures every angle. From detailed roof surveys to expansive event coverage, our versatile offerings provide the visuals you need to make a lasting impression.

Roof Surveys in Oxfordshire

Harness the power of aerial photography to conduct comprehensive roof surveys or to showcase your property in its best light. Ideal for homeowners preparing to sell, our high-resolution aerial photos capture the true essence and scale of your property, making it stand out in the competitive real estate market.


Corporate & Team Events

Use aerial photography and video to capture large-scale corporate events or team-building activities. These overhead shots can make a company look more innovative and dynamic, showcasing the scale of the event, the venue, and the participants involved. It’s an excellent way to create promotional material that stands out.

Real Estate

For real estate offerings, aerial photography and video can offer potential buyers an unparalleled view of properties. Highlight the surrounding neighborhood, land features, or nearby amenities. Feature these aerial shots to underscore the value and attractiveness of a property, offering a comprehensive view that ground-level photography can’t provide.


Do I need a deposit to book a service?

Yes, a £100 admin fee is payable to secure any service, this is non refundable

Can I cancel a service once booked?

Of course you can but if you cancel within 1 month of the date booked a 50% of the total price is chargeable.

Can a package be changed once booked?

Yes, we should work together to get you the best package for your requirements

When is the final amount due when booking a service?

All services require full payment 2 weeks before the event date.

Get started

Have a look at the work we’ve done in the past and drop us a line when you are ready.

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