And so it begins … The journey has begun …

Posted By Mark Rayson

Picking up a camera aged 14 I found my expression of art, never being able to draw the camera gave me a way to capture initially what I loved to see, progressed to shoot my first wedding when I was 18 and really the rest is history 🙂 I have never been a technical photographer, I base my years of experience on what I see and love through the lens, and the final product, that's all that matter to me ...
The thing is this … ok, rewind a few months, August last year, took the choice of major life changes in my working work to adapt to a more relaxed adventure through my 50’s and thus choosing lifestyle over earning was a well chosen direction.
Idle hands or some such and I guess the reason I wanted to change the flow of work so that whatever I did was now all about Starstream, my company for the last 15 or so years that has been quite happily moving forward at a rate greater than 1 but less than 100, it suited me perfectly, who actually knew that 6 months later after taking that decision I’d be 3 days away from my final UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or Drone and not just the little 249g Mavic mini’s, the big ones 500kg plus with 12 rotors.
Friday will see the last in a series of exams to establish this as my qualification and as such classed as a professional UAV pilot under licence from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and responsible for everything that then lifts skyward under my command, slight eek! This Friday I take to the air being supervised by command controller who is judge and jury to the flight in hand that I undertake, no pressure! Well, some … keeps you sharp!
The name Starstream has risen from it’s regular cruising altitude (yes, air-side puns already) of Weddings and family occasions to the film making area and just about anything else you need from the air because helicopters are too expensive and because of that, well, the work is out there and seems they all know about what I can offer, that being the brand new “OxfordDroneCompany” under the Starstream banner, this is a proud moment!
I felt I needed to share some of this feeling because quite frankly it’s making me nearly burst at times, the way things have changed to a whole new and different level of business, the very word professional still scares me, impostor syndrome all the way for me ha, but no, really, I have done this thing and that’s bloody ace that is …
The future not only looks bright it also looks to be well traveled with all these new skills I have, at age 54, long after I’d finished learning anything new or even taken any exams to a high pass rate, those being 100%, 98% and a final 100%, did not even realize my brain could do that anymore but apparently it can, nice 🙂
So if any is interested do follow this space, most likely and in no small part the social side of my life online helped get me this far, the sprinkling of awesome people also helped, of course, those who stand behind me just making sure I don’t rock backwards too much.
Blue skies … onward till dusk … this just might be the best continuation I could have imagined …

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