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Posted By Mark Rayson

Picking up a camera aged 14 I found my expression of art, never being able to draw the camera gave me a way to capture initially what I loved to see, progressed to shoot my first wedding when I was 18 and really the rest is history 🙂 I have never been a technical photographer, I base my years of experience on what I see and love through the lens, and the final product, that's all that matter to me ...

Part of the whole marketing world is using the power of film, it’s a game changer, it’s powerful, it’s about the next step in building your business and getting your face on there is so powerful, you are engaging with the audience in a personal way and you know the old saying, People buy people! and that’s why I have created this package and it’s aimed at everyone although I must confess the initial idea was having a package to support those new in business, something powerful yet well priced and filmed in such a way as to grow the business as a whole and not just a one-off promotion but that we can do too if needed.

The key is to come up with 12 films, one that you can release once a month for a year and over that year they build, the viewer will discover more and you become that familiar face. So what do you talk about? The key here is to not be too specific, talk about the business as a whole and what it can do for you? Talk about how you work and what the viewer can expect to benefit from this, talk about your services, talk about how the business works for a new client, what you can bring to their table.

Each film can be as long as you like really but we aim for around 1m30s which is a powerful amount of time and unless you rivet them to the seat most people have already made a decision within 20 seconds. So, 3-4 paragraphs is a good place to aim at. Where should we film? Anywhere you like, in a studio, in a field, in the middle of a pond, think outside the box, sometime a element of comedy goes a long way so this is worth taking the time to consider.

Once you have decided on the 12 topics you would like to explore write them out, read them, keep reading them and learn them because when we are filming you need to be looking at the client! Looking right at the camera, imagine you are talking to ONE person sat in front of you and deliver your best as we go through all 12. We can re-take of course, there will be bloopers, odd moment and of course that getting over the idea of looking at a camera but I help you with all that, we just keep rolling and get it right.

Loving that I have this offer out there now, I know it will help people and is priced keenly to help those who are just starting out. Once all 12 are filmed I’ll edit them and deliver them too you, then, once a month, release them on as many platforms as you can, punch it out there for all to see and start pushing that business to where it should be, working for you, building for you and putting you in a place where you can sit back and say we are getting there! I’m loving my business and proud of all that it entails and any business can benefit from this regardless of what you sell or provide, it’s the universal power card you have right there in your hand.

For more info please do contact Mark on 07970 406 913, 01865 410 207 or email

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