It’s been a rather good week here at Starstream … 19th Feb 2023

Posted By Mark Rayson

Picking up a camera aged 14 I found my expression of art, never being able to draw the camera gave me a way to capture initially what I loved to see, progressed to shoot my first wedding when I was 18 and really the rest is history 🙂 I have never been a technical photographer, I base my years of experience on what I see and love through the lens, and the final product, that's all that matter to me ...

Never one to sit around waiting for things to happen the great thing about my position is that in the event that nothing is actually booked there is always things to do, the website and it’s eternal tinkering, flight time with the drones and all manner of things to stop me declaring in one rather large and loud voice that I am bored 🙂 and so it was this week …

Tuesday saw a return to working along side my old and wonderful friend Reyan Jamil from Summit, we’ve been working on and off together for a while creating a library of film that can be used, at will, to create any type of advertising for social media and as the car was have a well earned full valet it seemed only fitting to produce something about why the very essence of what Reyan offers is absolute perfection and cleanliness for each and every single client that steps foot inside the car, it has to be perfect.

I was actually amazed how long it took, longer by far than expected, the team of two covered every square inch of the car and the result was perfection, ready, as Rey says, for the next client and also worth adding that this clean is 2-3 times a week such is the level of perfection expected. Reyan also took the opportunity to add a little appearance during the filming adding some words of wisdom from the master chauffeur.

Darren from ShineOn I have to say was on his top game, as always working with client cars, everything was taken care off.

Wednesday came and as it is the 3rd Wednesday of the month it was Abingdon Buzz day and event as always was held at the Nags Head in Abingdon and a great success, networking has seldom been so good, so relaxed and so powerful, if you ar a local business then this could well be for you, more info here

And the end of the week was a nice wedding, and for a change some smoke bombs and fast cars were involved!

End of a fab week, wonder what the upcoming week has to offer? 🙂

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