Oxford Wedding MC

With over 25 years’ experience in weddings, Mark is perfectly positioned to ensure your special day is as memorable as it can be! From controlling all the elements of the day to offering a quick wit, you can relax knowing Mark will create that amazing atmosphere.

How we help.

Seamless Flow of the Event:

Mark acts as the event’s conductor, ensuring that all aspects of the wedding run smoothly and punctually. He will coordinate with vendors, such as the photographer, caterer, and DJ, to make sure everyone is on the same page, minimising potential delays and awkward pauses.

Reduces Stress for the Couple

On their special day, the couple should focus on enjoying the moment, not on the logistics. Mark takes charge of the event, allowing the couple to relax and savour every precious moment.

Handles Unexpected Situations

Weddings are live events, and unexpected situations can arise, be it technical difficulties or a change in the weather. Mark is quick on his feet, adaptable, and knows how to handle unforeseen circumstances with grace, ensuring the celebration continues without a hitch.

Mark Sets the Mood

He plays a vital role in determining the overall mood of the event, creating an atmosphere brimming with excitement, joy, and love, enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

Guests might have queries about the event, such as locating the restrooms, understanding the timing of certain activities, or other concerns. Mark serves as a point of contact for guests and can address any questions they might have.

Enhances the Reception

During the reception, Mark keeps the energy level high, encouraging guests to dance, partake in games, and celebrate as one. He collaborates with the DJ or band to synchronise music and entertainment, ensuring a lively and spirited atmosphere.

Mark Keeps the Guests Engaged

He knows how to entertain and engage guests throughout the event. He sets the tone, cracks jokes, and interacts with the audience, ensuring everyone feels included and part of the celebration.

A wedding typically involves a series of events, such as the ceremony, speeches, toasts, cake cutting, and the first dance. Mark keeps track of the schedule and ensures each element happens at the right moment, creating a seamless and cohesive experience.

Professional Announcements

Introducing the bridal party, guiding guests to their seats, and announcing the couple’s entrance are all pivotal moments during a wedding. Mark knows how to make these announcements with charisma and elegance, setting the tone for each segment of the celebration.

Weddings often unite guests from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and age groups. Mark recognises the importance of inclusivity and ensures that all guests feel welcome and integral to the celebration.

What to budget.

Oxford Wedding MC
From £600.00
1 hour prior to ceremony until 8pm or first dance/cutting of the cake


What does a wedding MC do?
A wedding MC (Master of Ceremonies) is responsible for hosting and coordinating the reception. They ensure that the event flows smoothly, introduce speakers, manage the schedule, and keep the guests entertained.
Why should we hire a professional wedding MC?
Hiring a professional MC ensures a seamless and engaging reception. They have experience handling different situations, keeping the event on track, and creating a lively atmosphere.
What's your process for planning the reception with us?
We’ll start with an initial consultation to discuss your vision, timeline, and any special requests. I’ll provide guidance on the flow of events, share ideas, and make sure all your questions are answered.
Can you help with speechwriting and toasts?
Yes, I can assist in crafting meaningful speeches and toasts. I’ll gather information from you to create personalised and heartfelt messages for the various speakers.
How do we book your services?
Let’s discuss your wedding details, and once we’re aligned on the scope and services, I’ll provide you with a contract outlining the terms and a deposit requirement to secure the date.

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