Sink or Swim? They took the plunge!

Posted By Mark Rayson

Picking up a camera aged 14 I found my expression of art, never being able to draw the camera gave me a way to capture initially what I loved to see, progressed to shoot my first wedding when I was 18 and really the rest is history 🙂 I have never been a technical photographer, I base my years of experience on what I see and love through the lens, and the final product, that's all that matter to me ...

Under the powerhouse for fundraising, Clare Mather-Allkins the charity saw a huge and cold winter swim by many last December and it was amazing, over £7000 raised to date with all credit to Clare and her amazing passion for this, I of course was on hand to record all the moments and switching from land cam to drone for the day was crazy but I think we go it, a wonderful film to remind everyone who took part what a great day it was, if cold! very cold! Amazing and well done to all ….

Clare joined me for one of the editing sessions, great excuse for much tea and chatter too as we crafted the film. One thing is that even in the cold the water from altitude looked great, almost warm!

Well done to Clare and everyone who Took The Plunge and here is the film so sit back and enjoy



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